Are you an ego maniac?  Do you know someone who is?  Every person on earth has an ego.  You may not like it…or you may even hate it.  But your ego has a function and serves a purpose in your life.  It’s main objective is to keep you safe by any means necessary.  Whenever you feel threatened or afraid, your ego is the one in the room who jumps up and says WTF! who is messing with my buddy?!  LOL!  Sometimes it will also reveal itself in not so larger than life ways.  It can be subtle and tricky but you can always feel it with its sense of fear, urgency, judgement, chaos, blame and control.

It’s your responsibility to stop denying that your ego exists or trying to kill it because denying or destroying your ego is also rejecting a part of you.  When you reject parts of yourself all you are really doing is suppressing and resisting it.  Your ego will never go away for as long as you are alive.  However, you can train it to be healthy.  It can be part of your team.  And it can be taught to follow your spirit.

When you are self-aware, honest with yourself and have the willingness to transcend your ego, you will have what is required to lead a self-mastered life.  A self-mastered life is one that is lead by spirit.  Your life is no longer controlled or dominated by your ego’s agendas.  Now this doesn’t mean your ego won’t exist.  It will still be there but it will be redirected to focusing on what your spirit wants and it can be giving a job.  It also won’t be the one calling the shots in your life anymore.  Your ego will learn to take a step back and be a wonderful team player when it is taught to play by spirit’s rules.

Try this exercise: the next time you sense your ego acting out, go to a quiet place.  Connect in with your spirit.  Then connect in with your ego.  Remind your ego that you are safe and that you have your back.  It needs your reassurance that you are safe and that you will do whatever it takes to make yourself feel safe.  Journal about this experience.