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Client Successes

Being Open to Love Sacred Circle has put me on a path of Happiness. Diana helped me see that setting boundaries and honoring them are very important. I realized as we went through the program that I was very good at honoring my boundaries until I loved someone. Looking back on my relationships, I often compromised my boundaries for those I loved, believing it would make our relationship stronger.  The reality is if I had honored my boundaries from the start it would have prevented me from remaining in unhealthy relationships. – Christine N.

Working with Diana has changed my life. It is no accident that I was drawn to her, and now working simultaneously in a group with other women (which is also no accident) that we have come together to learn and grow spiritually. The support, validation and love of each other is the bonus to the group work and the inner bonding is the key to healing both combined is the perfect balance to grow spiritually and emotionally. I have learned to trust my gut and honor the emotions that I am feeling. I have learned to speak up and express myself more clearly and assertively because I learned that I am worthy, and it is good to protect my boundaries. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes due diligence and practice. If you really want to heal and grow, this is the coursework for you. – Charity M.

Sisterhood and BEing Open to Love

Learn about the sisterhood wound and why gathering in sacred circle is so important to your BEing Open to Love journey.
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Client Successes

Intuitive Transformational Coaching Client Success Diana’s technique was unlike anything I had done before and it has assisted me in moving forward more than any of the many other modalities and practices I had previously experienced.  It gets to the CORE of what was holding me back. It fully integrates all parts of my being: mind, body, spirit and emotional. It helps me understand my ego and how to better work with that part of me. My life is finally all coming together beautifully and Diana has been an integral part of that. “Woohoo!” – Luisa Frey
Psychic Soul Reading Client Success You and Spirit really helped me in letting me know I have choices.  To have been able to speak to you with Spirit was just what I needed.  Thank you! – Eileen G.
Energy Healing and Emotional Clearing I want to thank you for your accurate assessment on my situation during session. I came in, with what I told you, was a lung problem, but you came up with a problem with my 5th chakra. You said I was holding things in that needed to be said. At first I couldn’t understand it, but as the day went on I got a clear picture of what I had to do. I am still not completely there yet, as the issues have to be handled delicately, but I have not forgotten and have tackled one important issue. It came out well. As for my lung discomfort, the morning after the open house, it was all gone and has not returned. Amazing! I look forward to joining one of your groups in the future. You have a wonderful gift. – AN, New Jersey

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