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My Journey

Hi, I’m Diana “Trinity” Nieves. I am a life and love transformation coach, author and optimist dedicated to intuitively and passionately help you live a life that you LOVE.

I will teach you how to:

Create healthy boundaries so you feel safe to be you. Be emotionally intimate so you can express and live your heart’s truth. Love your life so you can manifest your dreams.


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I’m very happily amazed at the Being Open to Love classes. What a profound experience each class turns out to be. Emotional, deep, and enables healing and progression! You connect on a level that’s necessary to grow and thrive in a relationship with self as well as connecting with other wonderful people in the class. Diana is always gently coaching, listening and giving insightful feedback to help further and motivate you on your journey. Diana is very gifted in helping me discover and release my inner truth, and then guiding me to express that truth in a loving and healthy way that benefits me and others around me. (Relationships) I have learned to set boundaries, something I have never done before and I can see why it’s so important for me and my relationships. I highly recommend this class! – Tina Etzold

Working with Diana has changed my life. It is no accident that I was drawn to her, and now working simultaneously in a group with other women (which is also no accident) that we have come together to learn and grow spiritually. The support, validation and love of each other is the bonus to the group work and the inner bonding is the key to healing both combined is the perfect balance to grow spiritually and emotionally. Life can have some bumps in the road and learning how to break patterns that we subconsciously attract has been a huge aha moment for me.  I have learned how to reframe my thoughts from a negative dialogue to a positive.  I have learned to trust my gut and honor the emotions that I am feeling.  I have learned to speak up and express myself more clearly and assertively because I learned that I am worthy and it is good to protect my boundaries.  I have also learned how to recognize the deeper reason for my emotions and reactions and take the time to go deeper and work on healing it.  Awareness, kindness, compassion, trust, and love for myself is what I have learned and this is priceless.  This course is more effective than 20 years of therapy.  In therapy I got a lot of validation, with Diana, I get a lot of validation AND get to the root of the real issue so that I can heal and move forward.  It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes do diligence and practice.  If you really want to heal and grow, this is the coursework for you. – Charity Middleton




I am more at peace with myself and life. Through this program, I have learned to forgive the people from my past who have hurt me as a gift I give to me. – Oshra Ben-Hai

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