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Diana Nieves

Diana’s goal is to bring passion and fun into your life. Diana focuses her process on strengthening your relationship with yourself and with your external world, and further developing the inward and outward flow of energy and communication. Everyone deserves to feel vibrant and invigorated by the world and their place in it. Through intentional and strategic growth techniques, you can.

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To let another into your heart, first let yourself inTrue Love is Only Found in the Heart

Happy February.  Love is in the air as we celebrated another Valentine's Day and continue to celebrate love throughout the month.  We celebrate the love we have for others and also for ourselves.  Even the [...]

Living a Self-Mastered Life

Are you an ego maniac?  Do you know someone who is?  Every person on earth has an ego.  You may not like it...or you may even hate it.  But your ego has a function and [...]

The Drama of Life

Holy Cow!!  The new year came in with a bang, right?! And it's only January!  Has your mind been involved in drama and more drama?  And are you finding yourself drawn to it?  The ego [...]

No: A Simple Word that can Change Your Life - Diana Nieves

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Being Open to Love has put me on a path of Happiness. Diana helped me see that setting boundaries and honoring them are very important. I realized as we went through the program that I was very good at honoring my boundaries until I loved someone. Looking back on my relationships, I often compromised my boundaries for those I loved, believing it would make our relationship stronger.  The reality is if I had honored my boundaries from the start it would have prevented me from remaining in unhealthy relationships.

– Christine N.