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Diana’s primary goal is to help you live a passionate, confident and fun life. Using simple and easy techniques, you will transform your mindset and behaviors so you can take action towards living the life of your dreams.

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Happy Infinite Possibilities Day!

August 8th is a day of double 8's. Just imagine the possibilities on a day with two infinity signs in it!  Inspired by Mike Dooley, author of Infinite Possibilities, Infinite Possibilities Day is a day when I reflect on my goals and dreams.  [...]

Not Anymore!

Transformation is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.  It is a metamorphosis during the cycle of a life.  As spirits having a human experience, we can often undergo several transformations.  [...]

Have You Checked Out of Your Life?

When things become monotonous, you feel indifferent, distracted and your creativity screeches to a halt, these are signs that apathy has kicked in and you are repressing the emotion of anger or sadness.  Repressing any [...]

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Diana helped me see that setting boundaries and honoring them are very important. I often compromised my boundaries for those I loved, believing it would make our relationship stronger.  The reality is if I had honored my boundaries from the start it would have prevented me from remaining in unhealthy relationships.

– Christine N.