I implemented the boundaries we discussed and I feel strong and confident.  I really appreciate all you did for me! – Maria E.

Like always after a workshop/class with you I learn so much more about myself.  I feel more connected to my guides.  I can hear and feel them more clearly.  I will keep working on myself.  Diana, thank you again for opening up the world to me. – Roger Salzano

You and Spirit really helped me in letting me know I have choices.  To have been able to speak to you with Spirit was just what I needed.  Thank you! – Eileen G.

BEing Open to Love was by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me aside from becoming a mom.  Through Diana’s teachings, I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally.  I was awakened by the program.  The program aided me with my healing process.  It’s taught me to listen to my inner self.  To be gentle and forgiving with myself.  I learned to be accepting of the things I cannot change.  I now have the courage to change the things that I can.  The program allowed me to dig deep within me and pull out those things that had pained me for so many years.  I will say this wasn’t easy but with Diana’s guidance I am able to face myself.  I am so grateful for this Journey and the tools I now have in my tool box.  I would not be where I am today if I did not open myself up to being open to love.  This journey is endless and one of the most amazing experiences anyone will ever endure.  Thanks Diana for reminding me what it means to truly love oneself. – Jennifer Caraballo

BEing Open to Love has put me on a path of Happiness.  I can’t say enough about how much I have learned while taking this course. Some of the important lessons for me were learning forgiveness of self and others which was imperative to moving forward.  Diana helped me see that living with my own guilt of poor choices I made in my life will prevent me from attracting the right kind of love or relationship into my life.  I have also learned that setting boundaries and honoring them are very important.  At first, I couldn’t understand the concept of setting boundaries because I know what I will and won’t accept in my life but what I learned is that, that is true to a point.  I realized as we went through the program that I was very good at honoring my boundaries until I loved someone.  Looking back on my relationships, I often compromised my boundaries for those I loved, believing it would make our relationship stronger.  The reality is if I had honored my boundaries from the start, would have prevented me from remaining in unhealthy relationships.  Diana is a patient and caring coach.  Her knowledge and depth is something you will not find from just anyone, this truly is her calling.  I hope you learn and grow as much as I have from her program.   – Christine N.

I am more at peace with myself and life. Through this program, I have learned to forgive the people from my past who have hurt me as a gift I give to me. – Oshra Ben-Hai

I am very happily amazed at the Being Open to Love classes. What a profound experience each class turns out to be. Emotional, deep, and enables healing and progression! You connect on a level that’s necessary to grow and thrive in a relationship with self as well as connecting with other wonderful people in the class. Diana is always gently coaching, listening and giving insightful feedback to help further and motivate you on your journey. Diana is very gifted in helping me discover and release my inner truth, and then guiding me to express that truth in a loving and healthy way that benefits me and others around me (my relationships). I have learned to set boundaries, something I have never done before and I can see why it’s so important for me and my relationships. I highly recommend this class! – Tina Etzold

Working with Diana has changed my life. It is no accident that I was drawn to her, and now working simultaneously in a group with other women (which is also no accident) that we have come together to learn and grow spiritually. The support, validation and love of each other is the bonus to the group work and the inner bonding is the key to healing both combined is the perfect balance to grow spiritually and emotionally. Life can have some bumps in the road and learning how to break patterns that we subconsciously attract has been a huge aha moment for me. I have learned how to reframe my thoughts from a negative dialogue to a positive. I have learned to trust my gut and honor the emotions that I am feeling. I have learned to speak up and express myself more clearly and assertively because I learned that I am worthy and it is good to protect my boundaries. I have also learned how to recognize the deeper reason for my emotions and reactions and take the time to go deeper and work on healing it. Awareness, kindness, compassion, trust, and love for myself is what I have learned and this is priceless. This course is more effective than 20 years of therapy. In therapy I got a lot of validation, with Diana, I get a lot of validation AND get to the root of the real issue so that I can heal and move forward. It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes do diligence and practice. If you really want to heal and grow, this is the coursework for you. – Charity Middleton

I have been on a path to enlightenment for the past decade. I’ve been meditating daily for 25 years, reading spiritual authors, releasing through reiki and more. However, I had yet to fully integrate into one the releasing of physical patterns and emotional thoughts and patterns that no longer serve me. Then Trinity came along. Her technique was unlike anything I had done before and it has assisted me in moving forward more than any of the many other modalities and practices I had previously experienced. Why? Because it gets to the CORE of what was holding me back. Because it fully integrates all parts of my being: mind, body, spirit and emotional. Because it helps me understand my ego and how to better work with that part of me. Because it helps me shed layer after layer after layer – just like an onion – in rapid succession. And similar to peeling an onion, the sessions with Trinity did evoke some tears. But those were necessary tears that have been replaced more often now with tears of joy! Yes, tears of joy have become a part of who I am! For that I am beyond thankful. While it’s sometimes hard for me to explain to friends exactly how and what Trinity does, I can fully attest to the fact that her sessions have cleared physical, emotional and mental dis-ease that was holding me back from being my true, authentic self. My life is finally all coming together beautifully and Trinity has been an integral part of that. As I love to exclaim, “Woohoo!” – Luisa

I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help today! You are amazing! I left with such a sense of serenity and confidence that I am ok and I can forgive others so that I can be stronger and be free! I went and expressed my truth to someone. I looked straight in their eyes and spoke from my heart. I had a new found confidence and had nothing to lose. It felt so good to be so honest and direct and sincere. I’m proud of myself to speak my heart’s truth and not be bullied into a decision or eliminate an option when perhaps I can do both and create a whole bunch of new possibilities for others and me. Thanks again I would never have gotten to this point of freedom and serenity without your guidance. – KC, Designer and Art Teacher

I am Trinity’s biggest fan! I contacted her last year at a very low point in my life. My husband left me, and I was really caught off guard. I fell into a depression… then a lot of anger. I realized that I needed help to get through this because I have a young daughter, and I could not let myself fall apart…not to mention that NO ONE is worth losing yourself! Life is too precious. I was working out, in counseling, and still missing something very important….that was a spiritual connection and to connect with my inner child…also the tools to feel and release what was going on…a new way to look at my life, and how to see what was going on as a “lesson” and a “blessing”. Trinity comes from a loving place, and is able to help you to feel, release, and find yourself and your connection to the Divine. I remember looking at this holistic magazine and seeing her ad…and I kept thinking…that I needed to call her. My first experience was unbelievable…I immediately started to cry and felt as though I was surrounded by angels and so much love…sounds kind of weird …I know…but I can tell you that I have made such a positive shift in my life, and she was definitely sent to me to help me. She will coach you, and help you to see…if you open your heart…and your mind…you will grow and heal…much light and love to you. She is the best! She will be there for you. She has tremendous work ethic, very dedicated, and is very passionate about her work. – CM, Social Worker, New Jersey

Thank you so much for the gift of YOU yesterday. It really opened my mind and heart when you posed some of those questions to me about the “payoff.” I found a book in the store that have just been confirming what you said which I want to really OWN for myself. I’d like to schedule some more time with you. I was working with a wonderful therapist who retired 3 months ago and I’ve been going to ALANON meetings since February and it’s been very helpful. I’d like to explore more of my own fears with your coaching. I feel like it is good timing and a good fit and that you have great integrity and we were meant to know each other. I almost cancelled yesterday … But something said GO! Thank you. Thank God. Thanks to me for hanging in there! – Anonymous

Trinity – I’m not clear yet on the depth of the shift that took place during my time with you. I do know it was a significant journey in only a moment. How wonderful! My perception has “turned upside-down” since yesterday! Your email and material, and a few critical events that unfolded late into the night, have me experiencing from a very different perspective this morning…one that’s in vibrational alignment with the energies that “surround me”! Your are truly a gift (to me!). You came quickly to my “call” when I was “sinking” in my “dark” interpretations. Words do not express my appreciation and love. – DL, Coach, Writer, Facilitator, New Jersey

I started working with Trinity to help my healing process transition from the psychological childhood trauma that thwarted my existence to a spiritual cleansing and caring for my inner child. It wasn’t until I began my work with Trinity that I fully found serenity within me and began to exist in freedom. Trinity’s intuitive approach to spiritual healing gently helped me peel away the layers of the traumatic incidences of my past that left me feeling unworthy and afraid. I’ve moved away from living in the hurt; which had grown to be my lifelong companion. Trinity’s healing revealed to me the light of my inner child, the vibrations of existing on a different frequency of self love and compassion. The transference of energy has proven healing to me. Trinity’s work on me has brought me clarity and helped me trust the voice within and realize my divine potential. Trinity, thank you so much for your work you are truly an amazing force I wish you upon all those in need of you. – LA, Sales/Marketing Manager, Pennsylvania

Trinity It is always great to see you – you know how I adore you! I am reaching out to you to thank you for the workshop you held this past weekend. I do want to convey to you that I have had a very difficult time processing many old, ancient feelings that I was not aware of deep within. I think I may have been the one person who was wondering what the hell I was doing at an anger workshop – a bit cavalier of me, eh. I am ashamed of this but … What can I say? I was able to process and release some of my repressed anger. Thank you, Trinity. I want you to know you made a difference and my being able to see this from this perspective has really opened me to a higher level. Much light and love. – MM, Sales and Marketing Executive, New York

My experience with Trinity and self-mastery process has been amazing. She gets to know you then takes that knowledge to customize the process especially for you. Trinity shares her personal experience and is a wonderful coach – always encouraging and asking thought-provoking questions. I highly recommend Trinity; she has the tools to help you. Many thanks to Trinity! She has been a tremendous blessing! – SL, Teacher, Texas

I have been working with Trinity since early in 2008, and have grown enormously throughout the process. I am probably one of the resistant ones, my ego mind has served me well as a protector, and it has taken a lot to make me understand that I don’t need that kind of protection any more. My life has changed this year, and I know it is because I have started to let go of the angry, negative feelings that were so stunting me.I think the biggest change has been in the way I am able to view my parents, particularly my mom. The relationship was always stormy, but I have come to see her with compassion. I no longer have to deny what happened, and I can look at her as a soul struggling to grow and fulfill her destiny just as I am. As Trinity says, “It wasn’t my fault, but it is my responsibility to grow and be happy.” I am more at peace than I have ever been, and have more an idea of what I am here for. I have a way to go, but I know I will be able to find my way. I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I have started working on losing weight, but in a way that I have never done before. I am accepting who I am, and letting go of all the anger at myself. Thank you, Trinity! – MKK, R.N., B.S.N., New Jersey

I recently participated in a Spiritual Relationships workshop over the phone and found it to be an enlightening and informative experience. Trinity is a kind, compassionate teacher with much to give and these qualities are evident whether in person or over the phone. It was very convenient to participate from the comfort of my own home and Trinity’s knowledge and abilities helped me move forward on my path to finding my soulmate. – AS, Clairvoyant, Healer and Medium, New Jersey

Thank you for guiding me to seeing the beauty of me. The ability to walk to the door of the deepest and truest part of myself, turn the knob, and not fear looking on the other side. I was taken aback by the beauty of who I AM and the peace that I give to others. I kept harboring so many negative feelings that I was not worthy of being loved and allowing the chatter of my ego to deceive me into believing that it was O.K for others to mistreat me because I kept living in the fear of what was familiar and comfortable. I am not afraid to feel that pitter patter in my heart any more. Your strength and continued perseverance in challenging my ego always surprised me in my own realization to question, “What do you see in me that I yet don’t see in myself?” Trinity you’ve helped open those many doors to the world of me. – LR, Counseling Graduate Student, New York

I want to thank you for your accurate assessment on my situation during session. I came in, with what I told you, was a lung problem, but you came up with a problem with my 5th chakra. You said I was holding things in that needed to be said. At first I couldn’t understand it, but as the day went on I got a clear picture of what I had to do. I am still not completely there yet, as the issues have to be handled delicately, but I have not forgotten and have tackled one important issue. It came out well. As for my lung discomfort, the morning after the open house, it was all gone and has not returned. Amazing! I look forward to joining one of your groups in the future. You have a wonderful gift. – AN, New Jersey

Thank you so much for your coaching, Trinity. I value your service and advice so much. You understand me in a way no one else has. I truly believe you have a gift. I mean that!!!! You are so smart and strong. I admire you, your accomplishments and the woman you are. I am happy to have you as my spiritual life coach. I have learned so much about myself and my life has changed for the better because of it. God Bless. – JA, New York

Trinity’s coaching style is warm and wise. She seems to know just when to push hardest, when to allow me to struggle for my answers and when to encourage my emotion to pour through. Her wise insight and guidance have allowed me to advance my personal and spiritual growth rapidly. She always knows just what homework to offer to enhance my learning. Trinity’s ability to be real and point to the humanness of my challenges gives me great comfort. Her confidence is contagious and she has helped me to listen for and hear spirit as I continue on this journey. – JT, Life Coach, New Jersey

I feel blessed to have had Trinity Nieves as my coach for almost a year, as I was doing my own Self-Mastery work to help me surface, acknowledge and heal my emotional wounds, fears, insecurities etc. that I have unconsciously repressed throughout my adult life. Trinity has an incredible ability to connect with her God-Self and to transmit the knowledge, love and compassion that a person who is spiritually awakened to help others heal them selves, and empower them to live a Self-Mastered life. – LB, Spiritual Life Coach, Florida

I have had the honor of working with Trinity Nieves on both a spiritual and professional level. She communicates her strength and healing energy in a gentle way, creating a safe space to learn and grow together. I felt that her intuitive abilities allowed her to tailor her coaching to my individual needs. She has helped me to see and feel my truth and her patience and understanding of me has been a mirror to my own long awaited self-acceptance. Thanks Trinity! – LB, Director of Operations, New Jersey

I never truly understood what “life coaching” was all about, nor had I thought, within myself, that the personal conflicts I have had, internally, could be evaluated, analyzed and strategized towards any meaningful and successful resolution. That was, until, I decided to meet with Trinity Nieves. After only a short time I found myself with a deeper understanding of myself, was given an ongoing method of processing and removing my own unique barriers, improving upon my shortcomings, with self-discovery and a renewed commitment to challenge myself to make my life much more focused and gratified. My achievements, thus far, are resulting in the relationship I have maintained with Trinity, who now has become an extraordinary and profound inspiration to my life. – RG, Financial Analyst, New Jersey

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