Learn how to flow into love within your relationships including the one with yourself

Do you sometimes say these negative things to yourself?

  • I suck at relationships.
  • Relationships are so hard. They don’t last very long.
  • I want a partner who is low maintenance.
  • I would much rather stick to myself; people are confusing.
  • Love hurts.
  • I can never find peace in a relationship.

And so on…

  • I suck at relationships.
  • Relationships are so hard. They don’t last very long.
  • I want a partner who is low maintenance.
  • I would much rather stick to myself; people are confusing.
  • Love hurts.
  • I can never find peace in a relationship. And so on…

Our brains were built for love and war. However, we are better at picking up dangerous sounds, words, phrases and threat cues. Over time, our brain and nervous system have been preprogrammed to protect ourselves, flee or fight and go to war against other tribes, colonies, or perceived threats. This is what helped our ancestors survive in the wilderness whenever they felt threatened and afraid. It’s also what has helped us to survive traumas and various other painful experiences throughout our lives. Therefore, we are not as good at picking up on loving experiences as we are at painful ones.

Arousal management and an understanding of our attachment style are keys among others to success in all relationships. Many with challenging relationships haven’t learned to regulate their emotions or have an understanding of their attachment style. However, you can choose to feel secure in yourself and make love instead and if you choose to go to the battle ground, you can learn how to argue and deal with conflicts better so you can flow into love even if you choose to end a relationship.

Every relationship can be a successful one, no matter its duration, since they can teach you to grow and live more fully in love. Every experience can guide you to become a more loving and powerful person. It’s a choice to view every experience as a lesson to help steer you towards making any needed adjustments in your life. In effect, you are co-creating the journey you desire.

relationship coupleOne way that you do this is by utilizing flow states to become an extraordinary partner, friend and colleague who feels secure, confident, centered, grateful, present, responsive, whole, and loving. When you’re giving your fullest attention to an activity or task that you are incredibly passionate about, singularly focused on, and totally immersed in, you may find yourself in a flow state of mind. Chatter fades away and you are in a non-distracted zone. So, imagine yourself in this state while connected to another person, especially someone you care deeply for. This is the sweet spot where inhibition, fatigue, stress, and pain fall away and leave you instead in a place where you feel ecstatic, motivated, fulfilled and loved.

By utilizing flow states, you can grow exponentially through relationships especially as a couple. You can learn to be a relationship expert about yourself and by doing so you can connect deeply, be present, play more and share love with your partner. It’s also an opportunity to understand your partner as a whole being and at a higher level of alchemy.  The Relationship Flow Coaching Program will teach you how you interact in relationships, and anticipate how the people you are in relationship with may or may not interact with you. This then opens the door to all the possibilities available in order to interconnect in a more loving manner in all your relationships.

Program Details

The Relationship Flow Coaching Program can help you get there by learning more about brain development, the nervous system, flow research and attachment. This program can be taken as an individual, couple or family. During this eight-week program you will learn about:

  1. The basics of flow and how the brain operates when feeling in love vs. in fear and in pain
  2. How you can use happiness as a tool to develop an extraordinary relationship
  3. Reclaiming the presence of being in a relationship through communication, forgiveness and developing a
    secure attachment style
  4. Redefining what a successful relationship model is through synergizing your values, strengths, and flow cycles
  5. Eliminating distractions and regulating the feelings of overwhelm and fear to foster being in relationship flow
  6. Relationship motivation, clarity and how to flow into love
  7. Creating a flow relationship lifestyle through acceptance and commitment to a conscious, loving and
    sexual communion (for couples)
  8. Being your best when you are at your worst in a relationship, training your weaknesses and utilizing feedback
    as a way to deeply connect with others and yourself

You will receive weekly play sheets, assessment tools and other fun activation assignments to go deeper into yourself and your relationship and have lots of fun and laughs.

Free Exploratory Session

If you are ready to Flow into Love, then book your free exploratory session. During this special one on one coaching session, we’ll work together to:

  1. Get crystal clear on your goals for your relationship
  2. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success in relationship
  3. Leave the session feeling renewed, re-energized and inspired to take the next step to co-creating
    the relationship of your dreams.
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