Inner Flow Alchemist

Inner = Situated on the inside; all the internal parts

Flow = A state of mind in which a person becomes fully immersed in an activity that can be linked to their mission, purpose and/or passion

Alchemist = Someone who transforms something through a seemingly divine and magical process and turns into a new whole creation

We all could use someone in our court at times. We especially could use someone on our team who is empathetic, non-judgmental and empowering. Diana is all that and so much more.

From the moment you meet Diana, you will feel comfortable and supported. Whether it is her understanding voice or her ability to help guide you to self-discovery, you will know right away that Diana is a natural inspirational leader and compassionate facilitator who can help you live a better, fuller and more loving life. This is not done by telling you what you should do, but instead by coaching you to a place where your inner voice connects with viable strategies to propel you to move forward in specific areas of your life. In effect, she is assisting her clients in learning to be more emotionally intimate which ultimately leads to self-growth and transformation.

There are many aspects of Diana’s character that make her such an empathetic and insightful facilitator. First, she feels deeply and is an empath — as in, she can easily identify and feel what you are feeling. Also, her sense of knowingness is keen since she often can connect the dots that are not readily seen. This enables her to help you pinpoint areas of blockage to clear; thus, you can then focus on growth and moving forward.

Diana possesses a gentle confidence due to her 15 years of assisting clients achieve their dreams of healthier relationships with others and themselves. As a group facilitator and speaker, she has a knack for processing all sides of an issue as she uncovers truth in complex or emotional situations that can help couples, families and groups to transform their relationships. She listens closely and keeps everyone focused on their mission, purpose and/or passions.  Diana inspires people to take risks and consistent action towards shifting daily lives so they can have more fun.

Diana has been there, and she remembers what it was like when she did not operate from a place of self-love. Because of this ability to relate to her clients, she does not just “talk the talk” but she clearly also “walks the walk” due to her own healing and growth journey. She now incorporates her own formula of self-love modalities to help her clients easily create healthy boundaries and take risks for optimum healing, growth and nurturing their core being. Time and again, Diana has successfully led her clients to that wonderful state of self-empowerment and optimal experience (also known as flow) so that her clients can perform at their best in all walks of their lives and relationships. Ultimately, Diana focuses on the potential in everyone and devotes her energies to helping others grow and reach their higher goals.

Diana’s extensive training and credentials include:

  • Master’s Degree, New York University
  • Flow Coach, Flow Research Collective
  • Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator, PSYCH-K Centre International

She is also certified in:

  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners
  • Positive Psychology Coaching
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Infinite Possibilities Program
  • Reiki Master and Teacher
  • Quantum Touch
  • Vibrational Medicine
  • Spiritual Response Therapy
  • Master Soul Coaching Oracle Card Practitioner
  • Psychic Evidential Mediumship
  • Ordained Ministry

Additionally, Diana has published articles in: Wisdom Magazine, Inner Realm Magazine, SelfGrowth.com, LOVEolution.com and Navigating 2012.

Diana Nieves
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