Happy New Year!  I am so excited that it is a new year and new decade.  Last year brought some challenges for me and so I decided to focus on my family and my growth journey.  I feel so much stronger and alive for it.  I have been and continue to be the leader of my life and helping others to do the same.  I am embracing fear and doing things despite what others might think or feel about me.  Needless to say, this has brought some resistance within me because all that we ever want is to be loved, valued and accepted for who we are right now.  However, other people’s opinions of us is none of our business.  What we think of ourselves is our business.  Does this come easy? No. Is it necessary for your emotional, mental and spiritual well being? Absolutely.

Loving ourselves requires us to be authentically ourselves even if it means going against the status quo or what other people “believe” we should or should not be doing, saying, thinking, feeling, etc. Imagine waking up one day and you were told by your beloved (who is completely sane) that the sky is red but you look out and see that it is blue.  How would you react? What would you say? Would you go along with what they said? Would you compassionately protect your boundaries and say what you see without any desire to change them or their views? Or would you choose not to say anything at all? Most people will want to immediately change the other person or their views.  Why? Because our ego seeks to find the familiars or similarities, not the differences.  We find comfort when we can say quietly to ourselves – “see I was right,’ or “they think/feel/believe like me,’ or “I am not so different after all.”  That comfort makes us feel like we belong, valued, and accepted.  But the moment someone does not feel, think or see things the same way we do – we begin to question ourselves or them.

Dismissing or diminishing someone’s truth or even our own creates a real constriction within the relationship regardless of whether it is spoken or not.  When we honor our and the other person’s views, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, or experiences it will create trust and a respect within the relationship.  It creates the space for deep vulnerability and more meaningful emotional connection. To truly love ourselves or another is to accept who we are and who they are despite the differences.

If you would like to explore your beliefs, feelings or behaviors further and develop a plan to step out into the world more authentically you, I am available for individual sessions to help you love who you be fully.  Not sure where to start or what your needs truly are? I am also offering different package options such as the Starter, Cleansing, Wellness, Soul or Reboot.  To learn more, visit: