Transformation is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.  It is a metamorphosis during the cycle of a life.  As spirits having a human experience, we can often undergo several transformations.  In our physical bodies, we go from babies to becoming a toddler then an adolescent and so on until we  become an elder.  But it is not just our bodies that change.  We also shift in our hearts and minds when we experience certain pains and traumas.  Our feelings and thoughts become plagued with not only hurt but fears that never existed when we incarnated on earth.  It is here that we become stuck in life’s dramas, chaos and feel comfortable in the status quo.  We want our life to be simple.  We don’t want to take chances because we just don’t want to feel that pain or fear – NOT ANYMORE!

We convince ourselves to believe that life will become easier if we don’t change.  Because it was in the changing that created all that damn pain anyway.  But it wasn’t the shift that did that… it was actually in our stagnant energy that created it.  It is within ruin that we experience transformation and an opportunity to make things better…so we can feel and vibrate higher.  The contrast exists so we can FEEL the difference between pain or numbness from excitement and joy.  It is within the devastations that we seek a better way…where our soul is calling for us to be more, to do more and to live more…

However, when we don’t LIVE and make the shifts to for the MORE we stay stuck, bored, and not growing into the life we were meant and long to have.  A friend recently shared with me his feelings about this: “Successful people are driven because they seek opportunities. I have never met a successful person that was motivated by fear.”  I couldn’t agree more with him.  Successful people seek to change their lives by facing their fears and being motivated by their dreams.  And it’s in living our heart’s dreams that we FEEL excitement, joy, passion and love.

What do you want to feel?  What are the steps you are willing to take to live your heart’s deepest desires?

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