Happy February.  Love is in the air as we celebrated another Valentine’s Day and continue to celebrate love throughout the month.  We celebrate the love we have for others and also for ourselves.  Even the fortune cookie I received this week declared it.  It read “To let another into your heart, first let yourself in.”  It’s so true.  Often times we are so hard on ourselves for the silliest things then we wonder why people won’t love us for our smallest flaws and imperfections.  We are so judgmental of ourselves and spend so much time punishing ourselves for so called mistakes we made in the past.  Or we bury ourselves underneath a mountain of guilt that we find it so hard to breathe and just be.

What if we just let ourselves off the hook for just one day?  What would our lives look like?  Would we be more compassionate to ourselves and others?  What if we gave ourselves permission to take one moment to look into our own eyes in the mirror and say to ourselves – it’s ok, you are perfect with all of your imperfections?  Would we love more deeply and meaningfully? What if we told ourselves “I love you with my whole entire heart”?  Would we feel less stressed and more in flow with life?

The moment we can step into our own heart’s and truly see and feel the magnificence of our own being is the moment when are truly connected to our essence and spirit.  This is the moment when we can truly and unconditionally love ourselves and another.  There is no attachment or ego agenda.  There is only kindness and beauty.  If you didn’t celebrate and love you on Valentine’s Day, it’s not too late.  Go out and buy yourself a bouquet of flowers or a special gift.  Spend some quality time journaling and what would bring your heart joy then set some time each week to doing things that will do just that.

It’s never too late to love you and your life!  You deserve it and more!