Spiritual teachers, coaches and healers are always teaching what they most need to learn.  I have worked through a lot of my sisterhood wound, learned to be in my badass feminine and taught other women to do the same.   I am now going to take it to the next phase of the rest of this year and moving forward.  I will be teaching at an emotionally deeper level, sharing new tools, and celebrating the divine feminine.

Why the divine feminine?  Because that dang old sisterhood wound still runs rampant in our world, in our communities, in our families, within our friendships and most importantly within YOU. The sisterhood wound is that longing to be seen, liked and appreciated by other women. It comes from a deep place within us that feels less than or not good enough and straight up just feeling disempowered as a woman.  The sisterhood wound exists because we were hurt by another woman whether she was our mother, sister, aunt, teacher, colleague or friend.  And within this hurt is a belief that creates competition, comparison, jealousy and at its extreme… displays itself as hurtful reactions.

I have been there.  I have a boatload of experiences to share of feeling left out of the “clique or inner circle” of women whom I believed at the time were better than me or who deserved to belong and I didn’t.  It created a spell within me that kept me behaving in such a way that kept me OUT of the circle.  Not because someone was telling me to stay out because they didn’t like me or that I wasn’t worthy.  I was keeping myself out of the sister circle for fear of getting hurt, rejected and abandoned.

How can you tell if you are experiencing life through a sisterhood wound?  Maybe you can relate to one or many of these:

  1. You find yourself gossiping or trash talking to your co-workers or boss about a colleague just because she is a powerful successful woman.
  2. You’re a mother and you judge other mothers for the way they raise or have raised their children.
  3. You struggle with your relationships with your mother, sisters or aunts because they just don’t get you or treat you like you desire.
  4. You don’t trust women because in your past a female friend stole your partner, your job, your_____ (fill in the blank).
  5. If you were ever pregnant, you prayed to have a boy instead of a girl and the idea of having a daughter frightened the crap out of you or you felt complete dread.
  6. You have very few, if any, women friends because you think they live in drama and are just so damn emotional.
  7. You try to create friendships with women yet they just don’t stick and you don’t know why.
  8. You have hurt women in your past and you struggle with making an amends.
  9. You feel ignored by or disconnected from women.
  10. You feel uncomfortable standing in your feminine energy.  You prefer to take charge, lead, make all the decisions, etc.  because this helps you to feel more in control.

I have experienced and witnessed how being a part of a sacred sister circle is incredibly healing to our past wounds that have impacted our relationships with others and ourselves. I have experienced and seen how being part of a like-minded group of women and bravely trusting our vulnerability to be seen, helps us to see ourselves not only through our own eyes but through the eyes of another like us.  The circle returns home to you.  Being in a sacred circle of women helps you to love yourself more.  Loving yourself more deepens your relationships to others.

Deep authentic bonds with women have created some of my most profound spiritual experiences because it has created trust and more compassion within myself that has spilled out into the world and into my relationships with other women.  There was once a time when the divine feminine was honored not just by men but by WOMEN!!!  Dearest sister it is up to us… to you.  We are the ones to break the spell that keeps us disconnected from our sisters, our feminine, our womanhood and from ourselves.  It’s time…OUR TIME…to destroy the old paradigm and birth a new one together of healing, growth, connection, support and celebration. Sisterhood is a practice and a journey… and it’s one that the world needs right now. If we are to BE in our Feminine Power, we must BE ourselves and open our hearts to each other!

If you feel the called to heal your sisterhood wound and create a deeper connection to other women and most importantly to the woman that exists within YOU, then I Invite you to sign up for the Being Open to Love Sacred Circle.

It’s never too late to create the relationships of your dreams!

Learn more about this coaching program visit: Being Open to Love Sacred Circle

With love, Diana