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Within you lies vast, untapped possibilities in LOVE waiting to be discovered. Through the Being Open to Love Sacred Circle coaching program this potential is set free and you gain greater vision and clarity of who you are in relationship and what you truly desire in your relationships. You will learn to master several practical and powerful tools that will benefit you in all of your relationships for the rest of your life while laughing and having fun doing it.

In this 9 months relationship focused program for women, you will learn to create and maintain healthy boundaries so you can live a limitless life. You will transform your relationships through more connection and sharing. When you develop and strengthen that inner voice, and create and maintain healthy boundaries, you will feel safe to open your heart to yourself and others. You will trust yourself and others, and create more loving relationships. You will be open to love.

BEing Open to Love Sacred Circle includes:

  • Nine Monthly small group interactive classes with other like-minded and heart-centered women taught by Diana Nieves. Classes are usually 3 hours.
Your past will continue to replay itself until you learn to untangle and understand it, in order to make different choices that align with the truth of who you are. Aligning with your truth requires you to know who you are, your own desires, thoughts and feelings. In this module, you will learn why you choose certain relationships and how your thoughts become the very thing you experience.
As a child, you experienced certain wounds and dramas. In order to survive these experiences, you may have created certain fantasies about your future, your “dream’ partner who will save you, and the prefect magical relationship you will have for the rest of your life. If unhealed, you bring your childhood wounds into your relationships and you, through conditioning, play out your childhood dramas and fantasies as an adult. You unknowingly have beliefs that can be considered fantasies about you, the person you partner with and the relationships themselves. There is still a wonderful essence about you. A power that dwells within you that is magical.
To Love and be loved is what your heart truly longs for in a relationship. Being loved requires you to be open. To love requires you to give of yourself without conditions. In this module, you will discover your beliefs about love, relationships, and you. You will determine whether your beliefs are limiting you from what you deserve and are worthy of having in a relationship and with love.
Feelings are the communication language from your heart. Being able to communicate from your heart about what you feel and think allows you to connect more deeply with yourself and with others. When you can speak your heart’s truth, you have the ability to live your life authentically in partnership and in other areas of your life.  There are no hidden agendas or masks.
Boundaries allows you to know where you begin and end. Everyone has emotional limits. When you know your limits, you are able to communicate them to others so they can respect you and you can do the same for your partner. By honoring your own limits and communicating them to others you learn to respect and love yourself more deeply… the way in which you want your partner to respect and love you.
When you hold on to your past, you remain stuck and unable to move forward. Letting go of your past doesn’t mean that the pain didn’t happen it just means that you give yourself permission to live your life. You are then able to see and understand the lessons that are available to you from that experience. You can then choose to learn more about yourself and relationships, and grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You are free to live and love again. You are giving yourself the gift of a happy life filled with hope.
As a child, you experienced certain wounds and dramas. In order to survive these experiences, you may have created certain fantasies about your future, your “dream’ partner who will save you, and the prefect magical relationship you will have for the rest of your life. If unhealed, you bring your childhood wounds into your relationships and you, through conditioning, play out your childhood dramas and fantasies as an adult. You unknowingly have beliefs that can be considered fantasies about you, the person you partner with and the relationships themselves. There is still a wonderful essence about you. A power that dwells within you that is magical.
You can, if you choose to, let go of old beliefs and break old relationship cycles. By acknowledging your experiences and accepting responsibility for your choices and your life, you are able to shift your reality. It is through this power that you are able to know what you want in your relationships and claim it.  And, thus, the relationship of your dreams is no longer some fantasy. This dream becomes your new reality.
You are human. Some days you feel unstoppable and some days you will question your choices.  You will sometimes forget your intentions and what it is that you really want for yourself.  You become distracted by life.  Fear may creep up and make you ask some important questions – “Do I deserve this?”, “Do I really want this?”, “Am I strong enough?” “Maybe there is more?” or “Maybe this is all there is?” Your desires are within your reach. When you think big, YOU attract big. Everything along the way is a lesson and a road map on how to get to that big dream.
Often times, you may not understand why someone has been put on our path. The universe will always deliver to you exactly what is that you asked for and need in order for you to heal, learn and grow. Or sometimes, the universe will ask you to focus on the relationship with yourself, friends and family members before delivering to you a partner of choice.
  • Nine Monthly One-on-One Private Coaching Sessions with Diana Nieves so we can zone in on your specific desires
  • Private FaceBook group for support, connection and communication
  • Monthly Challenges and Focus Areas to work on in between classes
  • Content Training videos with Diana Nieves for further reflection
  • Playsheets and Activation Assignments to work on in between your one on one sessions
  • An accountability partner to help you focus on your goals and delve deeper into your core essence

This program is for you if…

  • You have a strong desire to shift your life, and relationship beliefs and the emotions tied to their beliefs.

  • You long to see what’s possible with being loved unconditionally and loving with your whole heart.

  • You feel frustrated and overwhelmed with romantic relationships.

  • You feel fearful to open your heart and trust yet you believe in the possibilities of authentic love.

  • You don’t have healthy relationship boundaries.

  • You have a strong desire for deeper meaningful relationship.

  • You have realized that you keep attracting the same type of relationships over and over again and you don’t know why they just don’t work for you.

  • You are fearful being authentic within your relationship.

  • Your partner usually judges you and/or you judge your partner most of the time.

  • You fear being alone yet have often felt lonely while in a relationship.

Since 2015, relationship coach Diana Nieves has been gathering women in sacred circle and teaching them how to deepen their relationships with themselves so they can BEing Open to Love.  All of the women who have participated in this circle have created more loving relationships with themselves and have attracted soulful, like-minded and heart-centered relationships.

“BEing Open to Love was by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me aside from becoming a mom.  Through Diana’s teachings, I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally.  I was awakened by the program.  The program aided me with my healing process.  It’s taught me to listen to my inner self.  To be gentle and forgiving with myself.  I learned to be accepting of the things I cannot change.  I now have the courage to change the things that I can.  The program allowed me to dig deep within me and pull out those things that had pained me for so many years.  I will say this wasn’t easy but with Diana’s guidance I am able to face myself.  I am so grateful for this Journey and the tools I now have in my tool box.  I would not be where I am today if I did not open myself up to being open to love.  This journey is endless and one of the most amazing experiences anyone will ever endure.  Thanks Diana for reminding me what it means to truly love oneself.” – Jennifer Caraballo

“I am very happily amazed at the BEing Open to Love Sacred Circle. What a profound experience each class turns out to be. Emotional, deep, and enables healing and progression! You connect on a level that’s necessary to grow and thrive in a relationship with self as well as connecting with other wonderful people in the circle. Diana is always gently coaching, listening and giving insightful feedback to help further and motivate you on your journey. Diana is very gifted in helping me discover and release my inner truth, and then guiding me to express that truth in a loving and healthy way that benefits me and others around me (my relationships). I have learned to set boundaries, something I have never done before and I can see why it’s so important for me and my relationships. I highly recommend this program!” – Tina Etzold

If you are ready to have the relationship of your dream then the BEing Open to Love Sacred Circle is for you.

To learn more about the benefits gained by this program I invite you to participate in a FREE “BEing Open to Love” coaching session.  During this special one-on-one coaching session we’ll work together to:

1. Create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of relationship that you’d like to attract and have.

2. We’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your successes with BEing Open to Love.

3. You’ll leave the session feeling renewed, re-energized and inspired to take the next step to creating the relationships of your dreams.

After the session, you will receive the BEing Open to Love Sacred Circle program guide and an activation playsheet.  You deserve a life and relationships that you LOVE!

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Client Successes

Being Open to Love Sacred Circle has put me on a path of Happiness. Diana helped me see that setting boundaries and honoring them are very important. I realized as we went through the program that I was very good at honoring my boundaries until I loved someone. Looking back on my relationships, I often compromised my boundaries for those I loved, believing it would make our relationship stronger.  The reality is if I had honored my boundaries from the start it would have prevented me from remaining in unhealthy relationships. – Christine N.

Working with Diana has changed my life. It is no accident that I was drawn to her, and now working simultaneously in a group with other women (which is also no accident) that we have come together to learn and grow spiritually. The support, validation and love of each other is the bonus to the group work and the inner bonding is the key to healing both combined is the perfect balance to grow spiritually and emotionally. I have learned to trust my gut and honor the emotions that I am feeling. I have learned to speak up and express myself more clearly and assertively because I learned that I am worthy, and it is good to protect my boundaries. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes due diligence and practice. If you really want to heal and grow, this is the coursework for you. – Charity M.

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Client Successes

Intuitive Transformational Coaching Client Success Diana’s technique was unlike anything I had done before and it has assisted me in moving forward more than any of the many other modalities and practices I had previously experienced.  It gets to the CORE of what was holding me back. It fully integrates all parts of my being: mind, body, spirit and emotional. It helps me understand my ego and how to better work with that part of me. My life is finally all coming together beautifully and Diana has been an integral part of that. “Woohoo!” – Luisa Frey
Psychic Soul Reading Client Success You and Spirit really helped me in letting me know I have choices.  To have been able to speak to you with Spirit was just what I needed.  Thank you! – Eileen G.
Energy Healing and Emotional Clearing I want to thank you for your accurate assessment on my situation during session. I came in, with what I told you, was a lung problem, but you came up with a problem with my 5th chakra. You said I was holding things in that needed to be said. At first I couldn’t understand it, but as the day went on I got a clear picture of what I had to do. I am still not completely there yet, as the issues have to be handled delicately, but I have not forgotten and have tackled one important issue. It came out well. As for my lung discomfort, the morning after the open house, it was all gone and has not returned. Amazing! I look forward to joining one of your groups in the future. You have a wonderful gift. – AN, New Jersey

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