“Every moment of every day, we are sending out energetic signals that are felt by the people around us. This explains why a desperate person draws to himself or herself more desperation, while a person who is already fulfilled becomes a magnet for greater fulfillment. If we want to attract life partners who are happy, passionate, and empowered, we must first seek to generate these feelings within ourselves.” ~ Marci Shimoff

Well, I must say the messages are clear to me about one of the directions we are all being nudge to go and this is in creating/attracting spiritual relationships. As our world continues to shift, part of our transformation is to learn how to be in relationship with one another. A spiritual relationship is formed when two or more people come together, as equals, for the purpose of spiritual growth and healing. A spiritual partner is someone with whom you share a deep and profound connection, you feel you can be completely yourself and the love shared is unconditional.

When you evaluate each of your relationships, do you feel you can be completely yourself with each of those people? Is there a sense of a deep profound connection? Or do you feel these relationships do not really mirror who you are? If not, you have a choice to change those relationships. The first steps are to be honest and to communicate. I would suggest using “I feel” statements to begin the dialogue within yourself and then share your “I feel” statements with others.

Are you looking to change the people you are in relationship with? The truth is you cannot change anyone you can only change yourself. This may even be hard for some to grasp but the deepest reality is we can only attract/create relationship with people who mirror who we already are. If someone is mirroring something to you that you do not like – look within and see if there is something you need to heal within yourself.

If you desire to change your relationships or desire to be in one, do you even know the type of people you want to be in relationship with? Here’s an exercise – make a list of those qualities you most desire from a partner within the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual areas. Now evaluate this list and ask yourself – “do I embody these qualities?” Remember – you can only attract/create relationships with people who mirror who you are. If you do not posses these qualities what steps can you take to have them? What do you need to heal with in you? Be honest with yourself and express how you really feel.

You are a powerful and brilliant creator. You can create the type of relationship you genuinely desire. You can change the world just by changing your relationships. All that is required from you is to look inside yourself, discover and express your truth, and if necessary heal what needs to be healed. The greatest teachers are those who teach through example. You can teach others how to be in relationship with you just by honoring and loving who you be. Live your truth and love yourself!

You are so loved so love yourself just as much!!!