How do you forgive yourself? Forgiveness is a skill that you can learn just like riding a bike or walking. The following are the steps to forgiving yourself.

Step 1: Feel and Release Your Feelings – When you repress your painful emotions you get to keep them. This creates dis-ease and attracts painful situations and people into your life. When you move from FEAR to LOVE you will raise your vibration level.

Step 2: Meditate – You cannot change the past but you can be in the present moment. By being in the present moment you can make conscious decisions to help heal yourself and others.

Step 3: Use a Mantra or An Affirmation – This will help you change your thought patterns and free yourself from destructive thinking. Try, “I forgive myself. I deserve love.”

Step 4: Observe and Correct Your Unwanted Behaviors – Recognize the mistake you made and then see how you can do it differently next time. Don’t worry spirit loves you and will give you another opportunity to do things differently so you may learn your lesson. The situation may not present itself in the same manner but the lesson will still be the same.

Step 5: Make an Amends – Say you are sorry to the person you have hurt through a letter, by phone, in person or in spirit. Acknowledge what you did that hurt the other person and let them know you have learned your lesson. This might feel really scary at first but once you do it you will feel so much better.

Step 6: Actively Create New Relationships – If you’ve been unable to forgive yourself, it’s possible that you’ve been holding yourself up to unrealistic expectations. The past is behind you. You did the best that you could with what you knew in that moment. Now it’s time to practice being the healed and transformed you making new decisions that suit the person you really are and sharing your life and knowledge with others is the greatest gift you can give back.

Step 7: Be Grateful – Give thanks that you are alive, you have learned your lesson and you are actively healing yourself. Also, give thanks to the Divine or Source for helping you to realize that you have never made a mistake in your entire life. Everything that happened was for the growth of your – and everyone concerned’s – immortal souls.

You are so loved, so love yourself just as much!