“Remember that it is impossible to go through life without hurting another person’s feelings just as it is impossible to go through life without being hurt by another person.” ~ Author Unknown

Many gurus, spiritual leaders and teachers have all noted that pain and hurt are inherent parts of our human experience. We either hurt another or ourselves. For some, they are completely oblivious to their hurtful actions or pretend to be because they are living in a constant state of fear. But what about the person who realizes the pain they have caused or the wrong decision made? Forgive yourself.

Many people believe that they don’t deserve to be forgiven. They carry their pain around, beating themselves up mentally because they think it’s what they deserve. They want to punish themselves before someone else does.  They believe they can inflict more pain on themselves more than someone else can. Well, if this is what you, think you are right.

Forgiving yourself is not just about getting on with your life and forgetting what happened. That is denial because we never forget. Forgiving yourself is about healing and transforming yourself.  That way you can be who you really are and shine that light for others so they may learn from you and your experiences. It is about helping transform our world. Forgiving yourself is also about remembering that you are a spirit having a human experience and everything you experience is perfect for the growth of your immortal soul. The same is true for the person you have hurt. You have the gift of choice to change your perspective, to learn from your experiences and heal your world.

You are so loved so love yourself just as much!!!