Compassion is having the understanding and empathy for other’s suffering including your own.  It is a state of emotional and spiritual consciousness.  This type of consciousness is a special kindness shown through action and feeling.  It is the keen awareness of our interdependence on one another.  As a spiritual practice, compassion is viewed as the highest peak in the search of self-fulfillment and love.   Compassion is the flow unconditional love and understanding that says “I am here and I am connected to you emotionally, spiritually and energetically.”

Having compassion for oneself is probably one of the hardest tasks to master because we are so often judgmental of our actions, thoughts, words and feelings.  As children, many of us were taught to act, think, speak and feel a certain way by our parents, caretakers, teachers and even religious leaders.  Anything that deviated from the “right or perfect” way of being was often met with punishment or judgment.  A compassionate consciousness says “it’s ok to be who you are,” “I love you for you,” and “I understand your thoughts, feelings.”  There are no conditions on the love or need or agenda to live a specific way. 

Being compassionate is more than just doing something nice for someone.  It is a deep understanding and ultimate acceptance that everyone has a core similar being – a spirit.  And just like you they are seeking to love.  Just like you they have a journey and lessons to learn.  Just like you they are perfect with all of their imperfections.  Just like you…they want to experience less suffering and more joy.  Just like you… they make mistakes.  Just like you…they feel sad, hurt and angry sometimes. Just like you…they feel afraid.   Just like you…they want to be understood.  Just like you…they want to be appreciated.  And just like you…they want to be loved for who they are.

To be more compassionate, begin to practice it in your daily life by being more compassionate towards yourself.  Tell yourself that you love yourself just the way you are.  Give yourself permission to make mistakes.  Accept all of your feelings as guests into your home and release them with love.  Be your own best friend – what would you tell your best friend if they were hurting or judging him/herself.  Be gentle and kind with yourself.  Remind yourself that you are a spirit having a human experience.

When we love ourselves unconditionally we do the same for others.  We give without conditions or agendas.  We detach ourselves from what is unimportant and frivolous.  We accept people with our whole heart.  We have the ability to bend our minds from our own circumstances to understanding someone else’s journey.  We become compassionate.