Free will is our power to choose how we want to live, what we want to do in this life, when we want to do it, why we choose to do it, etc.  We have free will to be happy or sad.  We can choose to live in peace or with struggle.  Every day we make choices that allow us to stay right where we are or move backwards.  We also have the opportunity to move forward or start over.  Every time we make a choice a button is hit and it puts other things and people into motion just by the Power of our Free Will. 

Some might say that “I don’t have a choice, I have to do X, Y, and Z!” Really?  Is that true?  Is someone holding a gun to your head?  There are definitely outcomes and ripple effects to any of the choices you make but you do have the opportunity to select a different decision if you want to.  This is FREE WILL. 

You can make decisions based on the outcomes and ripple effects you desire and not on what feels less scary.  The feelings are not meant to cripple you but only to show you what you came here to learn, grow and master.  It is not anyone else, situation or thing that will hold you back or propel you forward.  Only you can do that with your Power of FREE WILL and how you choose to utilize it.

For example, for a long time I desired a successful relationship and relationships became my priority.  I chose to place my partner’s needs before my own because I felt afraid that if I didn’t I would lose the person I was with and the relationship would end.  As I said, the RELATIONSHIP was my priority not in honoring myself so I put myself on the back burner to slowly simmer until I eventually burned. 

This was my free will and the outcomes and ripple effects of my decisions were based on feelings of fear.  My choices were not based on what was in others and my highest good.  Again, that was my free will.  I share this not from a place of judgment but of acceptance, love and learning.  I learned valuable lessons through my choices and that was also my FREE WILL.  It was in the awareness of my power that I was and am able to make different choices.
How will you choose?  Remember it’s your power of free will.