Can you count the number of times you have fallen in love? Can you count the number of times you have been hurt? Did love surprise you the next time around? Perhaps showing some part of you, you had never known or seen before? Did you take a risk for love? Did you learn something different about the world around you? Were you able to see everything around you including yourself differently?

I have fallen in love a few times and have had my heart ripped to shreds at the same rate. I had given up on love. I had to as I had no other choice in that moment. My mind could not stand it anymore. I went into my cave and retreated waving my white flag as if to say “I have had enough! Stop! No more! I can’t take this pain!!!” Honestly, I could not take it anymore. What I needed was to go into the depths of me to heal and forgive. But when I was done with that I was too afraid to come out of my shell. I felt scared of what might happen if I took a chance and fell in love again. Would I get hurt all over again? Would I create the same experiences or attract the same type of person into my life? Did I learn the lesson I needed to learn from my previous experiences? Well, there was only one way to find out. I desired to be free. Free and out in the world to experience love all over again and to see the mirror before me who would show me how much I had indeed changed. How much I indeed learned my previous lessons. The mirror that would show me that love is wonderful…love is a precious gift…love is living.

Love means taking risks, being in the present moment and following your heart and feelings. Love has no limitations and no walls. Fear and love do not live in the same house. When you are in fear there is no love. If you are pushing or pulling against the flow of love you are only resisting it because you fear something. What you fear is you. You fear the love that lives within you which is perfect, omnipresent, everlasting, genuine, pure, powerful and divinely guided. Love can set you free from your self-created imprisonment if you let it. Love can show you who you really are if you allow it. Love gives you peace if you open your heart to it. Love can teach you more about the universe than any book if are willing to see the truth.

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for another lifetime? Take a deep breath, and jump right in. The ocean of bliss is waiting for you. I promise you it is delicious. Look for me while you are swimming. I will be the one with the serene look on her face singing, “I love you!” with pink roses in her hair.

You are so loved, so love yourself just as much!