“The world is round and the place that may seem like the end may also be the beginning.” ~ Ivy Baker Priest

That place where your pain resides – where is it in your body? Do you allow yourself to feel it? Or do you run away as quickly as it arises at the exact moment when it feels like it will boil and spill all over you? Is your heart breaking? Is your stomach churning? Is your head feeling like it will explode? And are there tears welling up in your eyes? This is the place where your love sits, hides, and waits. It is unable to find you or that which you desire. It is like there is this big sign that says keep out, do not enter, stay away, private property, beware of killer dog and so on and so forth.

We have all been hurt as far back as childhood and as recent as yesterday. We experience the sting of rejection, ridicule, humiliation, deception, disappointment, or abuse. Some of you may believe that you recovered from most of your old injuries and injustices from years ago, that your painful or disappointing past experiences no longer affect you and that might be true. You can heal your wounds to the point that they no longer interfere with your life. But look at your life today. Do you hold grudges? Can you list the ways your life would be better if only something didn’t happen to you? Do you feel empty and lonely inside? Do you sometimes feel like you are reenacting the same scenes and scenarios of past experiences? Do you attract the same type of person in your life who gets under your skin? Have you reached the end of your rope, your knees to the ground, looking up to the sky and wonder why can’t I feel peace and love? Why am I not happy?

I have been there. It is a very familiar place for me. Some people call it the dark night of the soul. I used to call it the everyday life of being me. I was miserable behind the wonderful fantastic façade life I was pretending to live and never really knew why because I had dealt with the bad experiences of my life and I was over it. I was lying to everyone around me including myself. The words I would scream out through my tears “God, why me? What did I do that was so bad? What am I doing wrong? Where are you and why don’t you help me?”

And today it feels like it was only a dream. This world is not what it seems. The truth of you will find you if you let it. The first step is stop repressing those painful feelings. This is what creates dis-ease, dysfunction, havoc, and chaos in your life. Have you ever allowed yourself a good cry and then feel like magic right after? This can happen each and every time you let yourself feel those painful feelings. You feel it, release it and then move up the mood scale. It’s that easy.

Second, take a good look around you and ask yourself what are the beliefs you hold within you keeping the love you want OUT. Is it as simple as “if I open my heart to so and so they will only hurt me?” Or as complicated as, “I don’t deserve or am unworthy of love?” Have you ever believed something with all your heart, just like you knew the sky was blue, the earth is round, etc., and it came true? You can change your reality at any moment when you choose to believe loving, affirming thoughts and think these thoughts more than the ones that don’t serve you. Eventually, you will really see that your dreams can come true all you have to do is turn the key and open the door to them. Give it a try, what do you have to loose? You have already been down the road of hurt and pain. Why not try the avenue of love and peace?

Third, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for creating situations that didn’t serve you and validate for yourself that you just didn’t know how to change it or maybe you just weren’t ready then. Letting go of pain and the beliefs supporting it requires you to change your perspective and change can be hard for some of you. It requires you to step into the room of the unknown and feeling out of control. However, this is also the place of limitless possibilities and all that you desire. This is where the love within you lives. Think of it as putting on new underwear. It feels a little stiff at first but don’t you feel sexy and brand new once you have it on for a little while? The end may also be your beginning once you allow yourself to see beyond the veil of the illusion. You can change your life, love the life you live and yes feel sexy and brand new!

You are so loved, so love yourself just as much!