Put down your sword and shield, my sweet sister.

Do you desire deep and meaningful relationships with other women?  You’ve been asking for it … you deeply desire real and authentic sisterhood in your life where you feel celebrated, supported and loved as your true self, but …. You have a hard time trusting other women.

Perhaps you’ve:

  • Had a rocky relationship with your own mother or blood sister(s)

  • Experienced the “mean girl” effect as a teenager

  • Been backstabbed, hurt or betrayed by other women

Well, sister, you are not alone.

There is a war on women and one of the primary weapons of this war is turning women against each other. We’ve been pitted against each other for centuries.  And today, we are carrying past generational wounds that keep us separate and divided, disconnected from the sisterhood that existed in Red Tents and Goddess Temples centuries ago … pre-patriarchy.

If we really want to see change on this planet, we must heal this sister wound and come together in connection, collaboration and co-creation. We are ALL daughters of the earth, let’s band together as a collective, and end the war on women and the subsequent sister war.

The truth is:

Being supported, celebrated and honored are your birthrights. Belonging in the worldwide sisterhood is your birthright. And it’s time for us to remember what it feels like to be in that authentic connection with each other, reclaiming our seat in circle with each other.

So if you feel ready to:

  • Step into deeper trust with the feminine and as a result, strengthen your relationship with other women

  • Open your heart to receive all the love, connection and celebration that’s available to you in circle

  • Release the past so you can create healthy sistership all around you

Then it’s time to Step into Sistership. Take your seat in this 8-week journey where we will trust ourselves, the feminine, and each other and move into sacred ceremony to honor the divine within every woman walking on this planet.  Together we are stronger, together we will change the world.

In The Awakening: Step into Sistership, you will:

  • Identify the root cause of the Sister War and how it affects you on the deepest level

  • Transform your relationships so women are your allies and not your enemies

  • Learn a powerful method to release the past trauma, hurts and wounding so you feel more safety and trust in the sisterhood

  • Move from judgment to celebration and develop greater compassion and acceptance for women who are hurting

  • Bring consciousness of how 7 Sister Crimes play out in your life and participate in a forgiveness ceremony that cleans the slate so you can create the connection you desire

  • Tap into to the worldwide womb grid and perform various rituals to step into your power and shine your light

The Awakening is a safe place for you to be seen and heard no matter how you are feeling, so you can create real and authentic connection with other women.  After experiencing this circle journey, you will feel empowered to create a new conversation of upliftment and accountability in sisterhood, stepping into your power to contribute your gifts and shine your light, giving other women permission to do the same.

Space is limited. Register to save your seat today! 

I’m Ready to Step into Sistership!

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