No: A Simple Word that can Change Your Life - Diana Nieves

Say No With Confidence and Compassion While Honoring You and Your Boundaries

Do you feel frustrated with life and relationships because no one respects you or your boundaries? Have you struggled with saying no to friends, co-workers, partners and family members?  Do you say yes when you really want to say no?  Do you feel guilty when you actually do say no? Or angry at yourself for saying no when you really wanted to say yes?

In the FREE eBook, NO: A Simple Word that Can Change Your Life, you will learn Seven Reasons to Say No, the difference between a Healthy vs. Unhealthy No, how to get to a Healthy No, you will also receive a Getting to No Exercise, and more.

“I was asked if I would attend a book club discussion on Thursday. Any other time I would have just said yes and not give it a second thought. I asked myself the four questions from your e-book and my answer was no. It felt liberating.  I realized I was not even enjoying reading the book. The only reason I was doing it was because I didn’t feel comfortable saying no.” – Mary R.

“I love this eBook!  I realized that I’m always saying yes to everyone when in reality I want to say no.  This book is good for me as it is helping me to change that.” – Yolanda V.

“I absolutely loved this eBook! It’s so fundamental.  It has given me hope for my relationships. I have learned how to say and am now saying healthy NOs.” – Lucy L.

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