The Power to Be YOU


An Inspiring Transformational Retreat

This is an invitation to slow down, drop inward, be supported and fully embody the truth of who YOU are!

Diana NievesIf you’re a woman who’s ready to transform her life by learning how to feel more confident to be and express the authentic and powerful you, then join Diana Nieves for this heartfelt spiritual adventure.

·      During this powerful life changing experience designed to deeply immerse you into your heart and soul.  You will spend 3 amazing nights and 3 motivating days focused on overcoming self-doubt and fear and feel the power that dwells within YOU.
·      Led by Diana Nieves who has 10 years of relationship (especially the relationship you have with you), transformation and emotional empowerment coaching experience, this retreat is designed to deepen the connection you have with you.  You will delve into the core and essence of you – YOUR SPIRIT.
·      You will love yourself and then love yourself some more by learning some key self-love rules so you can maturely protect your boundaries with those you love.  
·    You will also create bonds with other like-minded and heart-centered women who will also support you during this retreat’s journey.

·     You will deeply connect with the spiritual energy of nature. The boost of this eco-property’s energy will help you to let go of stagnant energies in your life and relationships and bring your deepest heart’s desires into sharper focus.  Stimulated by the natural elements found throughout the 144 acres of land, you will connect with your earth element to find clarity and purpose.
​·    Enjoy downtime to hike the meadow along the woods; explore the Forest Sanctuary; connect inward at the various Meditation Benches; saturate your senses at the Lavender Field; and journal, process and integrate your experiences along the Stream of Consciousness on this secluded property.
​·    Healthy and delicious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided during your retreat.

·     Gather in supportive sisterhoodwhere you will learn to utilize and trust your own intuition and move into owning your power by being authentically you while learning and encouraging each other to be the leaders of your life.
·     Goddess Ceremonies to help you release old stagnant patterns that no longer serve you and call in the vision of what you want to commit to experiencing in your life.
·     Meditations, Visualizations and Mindfulness Walks to fully awaken, renew and regenerate your Spirit so you can compassionately connect with all the parts of you.
·     Revel in your connection with like-minded and heart-centered women who will be part of a newly created sister tribe.  You will relax, connect, laugh a lot, dance and have so much fun so you leave feeling excited, empowered and at peace to move forward into your life.

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So Why Should You Join Us?

  1. Simple, this is the PERFECT environment for you to go deeper emotionally, mentally and spiritually and discover the TRUTH of how powerful you really are!  You will relax, have fun and begin the process of bonding with you in a whole new and exciting way.
  2. There’s no need to do this alone, worried and afraid about how you will speak your truth and lead your life the way you desire and dream of.  You will be supported by a talented, intuitive, educated, professionally trained and experienced facilitator who will help you learn how to develop some important self-love rules, so you feel more grounded and empowered to create and maintain healthy boundaries with others.
  3. You will receive valuable self-love and confidence tools and techniques that will that will give you FAITH in knowing YOU have the ability to live and express an authentic life and co-create the relationship(s) you desire and deserve.
  4. Connect with other like-minded and heart-centered women who have a strong desire to feel accepted and loved for who they are, just like you.  You will feel fully EMBRACED and ACKNOWLEDGED as you create and maintain a sacred tribe filled with trust, love and encouragement.
  5. You will unveil and unleash your true self in the safety of a sacred circle where you are free to be seen in all of your splendor and magnificence.  You will connect with the divine essence of you while learning to love and trust yourself to take healthy risks on your path towards your destiny!

This retreat is all about leading your life in a different way. In a strong and sustainable way…a way that balances your masculine and feminine energies and leaves you feeling replenished and nourished rather than drained of energy and burned out.

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​Amethyst Retreat Center
44 Buffalo Creek Road
Duncannon, PA 17020
Watts Township 


August 9th – 12th, 2018
Arrive: Thursday, August 9th by 3pm.  There will be an opening ceremony, dinner will be served followed by an evening activity that will begin at 4pm.
Full Days: Friday and Saturday
Departure: Sunday, August 12th by 11:30 am ​


Wake up to the sunrise in this lovely remodeled farmhouse that is cottage-cozy, rustic and sustainably simple. The perfect eco-retreat spot.  It comes equipped with full kitchen facilities, three bathrooms, a library with a gas fireplace. The home has hard wood floors, a central heating system and window air conditioners in all rooms.  You will stay in one of the three bedrooms located upstairs.  There are also a dry sauna (infrared) and a star gazing room at the top of the house.  You don’t need to journey far away to enjoy the beauty of nature and to come back home to your sense of balance and clarity.


Delicious organic, gluten-free, and mouth watering meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided during your stay and are included in the registration price.   Meals are perfect for our vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.  If you don’t eat this or that – no worries – we are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences.


Morning Yoga will help to get you centered and grounded for the day.  You will gently be guided to your edge where the power that dwells within you lives so you can stand in your truth.

​Enjoy healthy and delicious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided each day.

Daily Sacred Circles are a safe and supportive space where we can share our experiences and learn from each other in a way that helps you remember you are not alone and embody your own strength as you allow yourself to be seen and heard.  You’ll release feelings of isolation and separation and experience a soul healing that can only be shared through a sacred sisterhood.  You will learn to:

  • Shift Self-Doubt to Self-confidence: through meditation, ritual and sacred ceremony, you’ll release deeper layers of self-doubt and judgement, and feel a deep belief in your ability to do the mission-driven work you’ve been called to do in this world and be in the relationships you are called to be in.

  • Be fearless with Your Fear: Identify & begin to heal your core wound which has a rooted influence on how you think, feel and behave in life.  Your core wound has created your deepest fears and keeps you from living the life your heart so desires. Without awareness, this wound can keep you in an endless loop of fear and inaction of what you truly desire.  We will explore this wound and your fears, and face them together with loving kindness.  You will also learn how to harness the energy so you are no longer paralyzed by it.
  • Express Your Beautiful Truth: Learn how to express yourself fully while conveying clarity, love and kindness.  You will completely understand how honoring yourself in this way will bring you into in your fullest power and potential in your life and all of your relationships.

  • Replenish Your Cup of Love: through slowing down, going inward, practicing radical self-care and mindful self-compassion, you’ll come back to center, regain balance, and feel aligned and anchored instead of worried and afraid.
  • Trust Spirit Once Again: Reconnect with the most sacred relationship you have…the relationship you have with spirit.  Become aware of your own intuition and learn how to develop a relationship with your guides who will help you co-create the life you desire.  Learn tools you can immediately utilize to understand what Spirit most wants you to know and next steps to take in your life.

  • Enjoy downtime to hike the meadow along the woods; explore the Forest Sanctuary; connect inward at the various Meditation Benches; saturate your senses at the Lavender Field; and journal, process and integrate your experiences along the Stream of Consciousness on this secluded property.
  • Revel in your connection with like-minded and heart-centered women who will be part of a newly created sister tribe.  You will relax, connect, laugh a lot, dance and have so much fun so you leave feeling excited, empowered and invigorated to move forward with your life.

Captivating and Mystical Evenings:

  • A Shamanic Journey to connect with your guides and receive important soul messages.
  • A Sacred Fire Ceremony underneath the stars to release what no longer serves you and call in your deepest desires.
  • A Goddess Celebration Night where you will dance, sing, laugh and have fun as we toast the guest of honor – YOU!​

Departure: The retreat will end on Sunday, August 12th by 11:30 am with a closing ceremony.

This supportive circle is for you if you are a heart-centered woman who wants to:

  • Create more pleasure and purpose in your personal and spiritual life
  • Experience more connection, magic and FUN with your beloved friends and family 
  • Slow down, replenish your cup, experience less stress and give back to yourself in a bold and beautiful way
  • Give yourself the gift of healing on a deep soul level 
  • Go even deeper on your personal growth and spiritual path
  • Strengthen your connection to nature, ritual, ceremony and divine feminine practices
  • Stand confidently in your power as a woman and embody your full radiance
  • Be supported in a sacred circle of women who accept you just as you are
  • Move through any fears, doubts and limiting beliefs holding you back in your life
  • Fully claim your self-worth, express yourself without inhibitions, BE who you are completely, and let your freak flag fly
  • Experience more joy, abundance, pleasure, passion, fun and freedom in your life

This experience is not for you if:

  • You’re uninterested in unlocking the blocks that are keeping you in a place of playing smaller than you’d like in your life
  • You find yourself complaining rather than rolling up your sleeves and taking action towards your dreams
  • You aren’t interested in being part a supportive and engaged circle of heart-centered women
  • You’re not willing and able to commit FULLY to your own personal growth and take decisive action towards your dreams.
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Sacred Promise

By the end of this retreat, you will feel confident and excited to share the REAL YOU and your truth to the world!  You will learn how to be compassionate and loving towards you as you courageously express your vibrant self.  You will deepen your bond to you and truly become your own best friend.

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A Beautiful and Peaceful Haven

​Your amazing retreat site is located at the Amethyst Retreat Center between the Susquehanna and the Juniata Rivers in Duncannon, Pennsylvania.  It is in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, just 30 minutes north of Harrisburg.  Come enjoy 144 acres of pristine land adorned with the natural beauty of old growth forest, natural wetlands, and grasslands which display an ecosystem thriving with flora and fauna.  This property is perfect for being and learning in a new and meaningful way that inspires and brings joy.  Be the change you want to see, discover your true Nature together.

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Bonuses! (We can’t forget them!)

You will receive a pre-retreat individual session, a post retreat zoom group call, and some other surprises.