Within you lies vast, untapped possibilities in LOVE waiting to be discovered. Through the Being Open to Love Program this potential is set free and you gain greater vision and clarity of who you are in relationship and what you truly desire in your relationship. You will learn to master several practical and powerful tools that will benefit you in all of your relationships for the rest of your life while laughing and having fun doing it. In this 6-9 months relationship focused program, you will learn to create and maintain healthy boundaries so you can live a limitless life. You will transform your relationships through more connection and sharing. When you develop and strengthen that inner voice, and create and maintain healthy boundaries, you will feel safe to open your heart to yourself and your partner. You will trust yourself and your partner, and create a more loving relationship. You will be open to love.

Being Open to Love Program includes:

  • Monthly group interactive classes taught by Diana Nieves
  • Monthly One-on-One Private Coaching Sessions with Diana Nieves
  • Private FaceBook group for support, connection and communication
  • Monthly Challenges and Focus Areas
  • Content Training videos with Diana Nieves
  • Playsheets and Activation Assignments
  • An accountability partner


  • You have a strong desire to shift your life, and relationship beliefs and the emotions tied to their beliefs.
  • You long to see what’s possible with being loved unconditionally and loving with your whole heart.
  • You feel frustrated and overwhelmed with romantic relationships.
  • You feel fearful to open your heart and trust yet you believe in the possibilities of authentic love.
  • You don’t have healthy relationship boundaries.
  • You have a strong desire for deeper meaningful relationship.
  • You have realized that you keep attracting the same type of relationships over and over again and you don’t know why they just don’t work for you.
  • You are fearful being authentic within your relationship.
  • Your partner usually judges you and/or you judge your partner most of the time.
  • You fear being alone yet have often felt lonely while in a relationship.

If you are ready to live the relationship of your dream then the Being Open to Love program is for you. To learn more about the benefits gained by this program I invite you to Schedule Sessionparticipate in a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute strategy session where we explore your
current thoughts and feelings about relationships and discuss action plans for you to move forward.

The Live Your Heart’s Truth program is partly based on Mike Dooley’s “Infinite Possibilities: the Art of Changing Your Life” book, the “Self-Mastery: A Journey Home to Yourself” textbook and other uniquely blended life and spiritual coaching techniques and practical tools.  This program is for students of all ages and backgrounds who desire to live life deliberately. Through this program, you will live and express your heart’s truth. You will learn what it means to accept full responsibility for your future and how to create major life changes in a way that feels right to you.  You are special. Your life is meaningful and I want to help you learn that your dreams can and will come true.


  • Determine what is YOUR TRUTH and deepest desires for your life involving your career, abundance, spiritual practices, etc.,
  • Discover what is blocking you (thoughts, beliefs and/or emotions) from expressing your truth and creating desires,
  • Release what is blocking you,
  • Create the life your heart desires and deserves,
  • Develop a spiritual practice and be in tune with those instincts, hunches and dreams
  • Understand on a spiritual level the meaning of life, your dreams and the universe
  • Be emotionally honest with yourself and others about your heart’s truth
  • You know you want to move forward and would like guidance from an experienced coach on how to get there.

Live Your Heart’s Truth Program includes:

  • 7 Group classes
  • Infinite Possibilities Workbook
  • Playsheets and Activation Assignments
  • Private FaceBook group for support, connection and communication
  • Challenges and Focus Areas

If you are ready to Live Your Heart’s Truth then this program is for you. To learn more about the benefits gained by this program I invite you to participate Schedule Sessionina COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute strategy session where we explore your current thoughts and feelings about your life and discuss action plans for you to move forward.