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Transforming Anger

Anger is a normal basic human feeling. It is not wrong, bad or unnatural as society has portrayed because it has been handled badly.  Anger is a direct communication from your soul letting you know your boundaries have been crossed or violated.  In its pure, direct and boundaried expression, the feeling can have a positive impact.  When anger remains blocked inside of you, it will have toxic effects on your body, mind, spirit and emotional state.  Holding onto anger can also have damaging effects on your relationships and interactions with strangers.  When anger is released, it is powerfully transformed and there is an opportunity for you to maturely communicate and set healthy limits so you can feel safe and confident in you. Continue reading Transforming Anger

Sisterhood and Being Open to Love

Spiritual teachers, coaches and healers are always teaching what they most need to learn.  I have worked through a lot of my sisterhood wound, learned to be in my badass feminine and taught other women to do the same.   I am now going to take it to the next phase for the rest of this year and moving forward.  I will be teaching at an emotionally deeper level, sharing new tools, and celebrating the divine feminine.  Continue reading Sisterhood and Being Open to Love

Resistance to Love

Why do you resist things?  You resist love because of your ego.  Your ego will resist what your soul longs for which is love.  It does this because it’s afraid.  Your ego is afraid because it doesn’t want to be put out of business.  Think about it.  Everyone has an ego and for many people for most of theirContinue reading Resistance to Love

Trusting Yourself

“Trust is the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something, one in which confidence is placed.” ~ Merriam Webster Your ability to trust is directly related to what you learned and what was modeled to you as a child.  Your parents/caregivers modeled trust.  If your parents/caregivers were present, loving,Continue reading Trusting Yourself

Do You Make Love to Your Pain?

Are you or do you know someone who goes into intimate details of their pain?  They enjoy sharing every single aspect with all of the descriptions – adding color, sound, scents and even flavor whenever possible.  They passionately tell everyone who would listen of the scars they received as if they had been awarded aContinue reading Do You Make Love to Your Pain?

What Are Emotional Triggers?

An emotional trigger is any event that causes you to overreact emotionally in situations and to the people involved. When this happens you feel overcome and overwhelmed by emotions that are buried pain from your past. When these emotions come up, you will often react and speak unconsciously as if you are in your pastContinue reading What Are Emotional Triggers?